Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale.
 – Quote, Zig Ziglar
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Updated Aug. 30, 2009

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Updated Aug. 30, 2009

Top 100 Ways to Raise Your Self-Esteem
What is it like to wake up in the morning and know that no matter what obstacles occurred, you will overcome them? What is it like to feel that no matter what anyone said to you, your identity is not shaken? What does it feel like to reap the rewards of having others cherish you for your true worth and vice versa? When you have high self-esteem, all of this and more are possible.
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by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski
Posted Aug. 30, 2009

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Updated Sept. 7, 2009

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Self-Help Books on How to Invest in Stocks
If the recession's taught us anything, it's the fact that we've got to protects and grow our assets for the future.

Best Self-Help Books for Entrepreneurs
Starting a business, or bringing a radical idea to life is one of the world's most difficult and rewarding challenges.

Mental Health Self-Help Books
A compendium of self-help books to improve your state of mind, or find the help you need.

Health and Wellness Self-Help Books
Simple ways to improve your health, appearance or state of mind; from Eastern meditation to nutrition, hormones and yoga.

Self-Help Books on How to Get a Job
'Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.'
- Theodore Roosevelt

Self-Help Book Classics
Self-help books you must read before you die; from Dale Carnegie to Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins.

Spiritual Self-Help Books
Learn about religion and spirituality, or strengthen your faith with our list of the best spiritual self-help books.

Self-Help Books on Finance and Money
Freeing yourself from the worry of how you're going to pay your bills is one of the most important steps you can take to to live a happier, more rewarding life.

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Best of the Best: Books on Starting a Business or Becoming an Entrepreneur

The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth, by Mark Victor Hansen

Classic Self-Help Books The One-Minute Millionaire has landed in the No. 16 spot on our list of The Top 100 Self-Help Books of All Time.

Aimed at fledgling entrepreneurs (not CEOs), “The One Minute Millionaire” is most valuable when read as a way to think outside the box. One part strategies on making money, one part inspiration, the book reads much like Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” It includes a fictional tale of a woman trying to claw her way out of poverty, and on the flip page, simplified strategies for putting your nine-to-five job behind you. All of this, the authors argue, can only be accomplished when your goals are in line with your values.

Check prices on : The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth, by Mark Victor Hansen.

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Start Your Own Business, by Rieva Lesonsky

Classic Self-Help Books A recent book from the editors of Entrepreneur Magazine, Start Your Own Business draws on years of experience answering the most pressing questions entrepreneurs have. Key areas include secrets for successful marketing and using the power of the Internet to grow your business. A mammouth book weighing in at 700 pages, it's packed with tips and tricks for almost every aspect of getting your business off the ground – from registering your company to hiring your first employee. If the book itself doesn't cover what you need, it probably points to resources do.

Check prices on : Start Your Own Business, by Rieva Lesonsky.

The Art of the Start, by Guy Kawasaki

Classic Self-Help Books Guy Kawasaki clears the path for you to start putting purpose behind your stalled-out business idea. From drawing up a business plan to seeking out start-up capital, Kawasaki lays out steps you can start taking now to bring your ideas to life. Not sure you can raise the capital you need? Kawasaki offers tips on bootstrapping, pitching and buzz-making, too. Best of all, 'The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything' is humourous and readable enough for you to burn through it, and start down a new path right away.

Check prices on : The Art of the Start, by Guy Kawasaki.

The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber

Classic Self-Help Books A blunt, hard-nosed look at the realities of starting a business, Michael Gerber's book, 'The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It' should be required reading for anyone thinking about quitting the cube farm. A consultant for small business ownders, Gerber has decades of experience working with entrepreneurs, and – during that time – he's seen a lot of patterns emerge. Businesses fail even when they're good at one thing because they neglect other; namely, they neglect the business aspects of their business and instead focus on their service or product exclusively. Just because you're a technical writer, Gerber writes, doesn't mean you get to remain one after you start a business. Tech writing will be just one small part of the puzzle you'll have to put together in order to survive. See, the business aspect is really the important part, and Gerber teaches us how to focus on that – and make it work to our advantage.

Check prices on : The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber.

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Find self-help books by genre is home to the definitive list of the Top 100 Self-Help Books of All Time.

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